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The Best.Energy Mission Statement

To optimise buildings globally, by harnessing the power of the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI). To forge a built environment that is more energy-efficient, more sustainable and more pleasing to work and live in.

Who Are Best.Energy?

We design, develop and manufacture the tools, technology and software to hit one primary goal – global energy efficiency.

We operate on the fundamental understanding that it is the responsibility of businesses everywhere to stop wasting the energy they use. It is possible to cut down on wastage, change behavior, reduce machine inefficiency and much more – and Best.Energy strives to provide market-leading solutions to help companies do just that.

Based in the UK, Best.Energy is led by a dedicated team of professionals with – in many cases – more than 20 years of experience in the industry. We offer the expertise of a genuinely knowledgeable team to compliment our product offering, and have built an operation that now spans 37 countries.

The Senior Team

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The Software Team

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The Global Partners

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Meet The Team

Cycle through some of our senior leadership team to discover who you’ll be dealing with.

  • Troy Wrigley, CEO

    Troy is the driving force behind Best.Energy's ambition to be a world leader in innovative energy saving technology, designed and made in Britain.Offering the benefit of two decades in the energy efficiency sector, Troy is well equipped to work closely with the principles of each division - ensuring the gold standard of support to our clients.

  • Ben Willcocks, Key Accounts Director

    Ben is responsible for maintaining and cultivating our most powerful and successful relationships with operators around the world.A founding member of Best.Energy and an accomplished business development specialist, Ben is extensively experienced in the energy efficiency industry and well placed to help our partners identify and pursue valuable new opportunities.

  • Tim McMahon, Director of Sales

    Tim is responsible for forging new partnerships with organisations across the world.He started his carer in energy-efficiency almost twenty years ago, was a founding member of Best.Energy and has since been responsible for landmark deals with blue-chip operators like KFC, Boots & Shell.

  • David Grinsted, Head of Technical Services

    Dave is responsible for providing our global partners with technical support and services.A highly competent energy manager, Dave is also the driving force behind many of our most exciting new technological advancements - he works closely with our partners to make sure our technology does what they need it to.

  • Simon Turner, CTO

    As Head of R&D, Simon is responsible for designing, producing, maintaining and expanding the company's high-quality product portfolio.Simon's experience includes the creation of super computers, critical integrated systems at major corporations including the NHS, and ground-breaking advancements in defence-related scientific algorithms.

  • Calvin Conroy, Operations Manager

    Calvin is responsible for the smooth running of Best.Energy's day-to-day operations.He has been with Best.Energy since the very first few months of its incorporation and has since been involved in every aspect of what Best.Energy does around the world. He is uniquely qualified to maintain a complicated global operation.

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