The SMARRT Approach

The SMARRT Approach

Our unique approach to energy management, used by best.energy partners across the globe. It is the ethos that unites us all with a single quality of service. The method that guarantees our clients the best possible energy management standards.

  • S


    Fast on-site analysis using our proprietary mobile app.

  • M


    Accurate energy usage (and wastage) tracking with Eniscope.

  • A


    Real-time trend analysis in the cloud, via our software platform.

  • R


    Saving opportunity analysis alongside retrofit technologies.

  • R


    Comprehensive reporting and granular analysis to inform decision making.

  • T


    Verifying success and target setting. The keys to sustained performance.


Fast on site analysis


Real-time trend analysis


Accurately track usage


Identify reduction opportunities

What is SMARRT?

SMARRT has been put together with ISO 50001 in mind. The global standard for energy management, ISO 50001 is the benchmark and process all companies should adhere to when managing their energy consumption. We’ve codified its principles into an easy to understand acronym and we take its global implementation seriously.

SMARRT in action

best.energy Partner EnergyCloud, technical consultant to IBM, took the lead on an exciting new project at Jorge Chavés airport in Peru.

The client – Peru’s largest airport – sought a solution to three key issues they were experiencing.

Why did LAP need a solution?

  1. Adminstrative Challenges

    LAP wanted to improve tenant billing and sub-metering accuracy.

  2. Environmental Factors

    LAP are seeking to reduce their carbon footprint (CSR).

  3. Large Scale Operations

    LAP were analysing 1,000+ data feeds with only one system.

The solution

EnergyCloud undertook a proof of concept (PoC) to demonstrate the power of Eniscope, focusing on the chiller systems. With 22% energy savings immediately identified after a fast, seamless installation – the Client decided to proceed with a full rollout.

Eniscope now monitors 1,417 circuits across the Airport. Using Eniscope’s software platform, the client is also now able to automate their tenant billing process – greatly reducing billing costs and avoiding possible penalisation.

SMARRT Logo (Retina)

What’s next?

After the success of the monitoring and behaviour adaptation stage, our SMARRT approach to energy can really kick into action. The planned next steps include installation of two of our energy-saving solutions:

Remote Temperature Control: Using state of the art thermal sensors, LAP will be able to moderate temperature levels within the airport, minimising energy otherwise wasted on heating.

Eluma: Installation of our intelligent LED lighting product. With vast spaces to light, our daylight sensing LED luminaires will make a massive difference.

The project at a glance

Take a look at some of this project’s key take away facts and figures.

Lima Airport Partners
A Case Study

Take a look at the headline results from this SMARRT energy management project.

  • 1.4k

    1,400+ circuits monitored

    More than 1,400 circuits measured at the facility, with data delivered in real-time.

  • 10y

    10 year contract length

    A client commitment of ten years, following a successful Proof of Concept (PoC).

  • 2.8m

    $2,800,000 contract value

    A contract value of over $2.8m, with a substantial ROI and no up-front client costs.

  • Roberto Flores

    Technical Consultant

    to IBM

    “As one of the largest airports in South America, the airport operators needed to comply with ambitious energy reduction goals... Eniscope was the chosen platform to provide the flexibility, cost and ease-of-use to measure 1,417 circuits; identifying energy leaks, electrical safety issues and providing automatic billing and CO2 reporting.”

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