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BEST products provide a range of best-in-class products focused on solving some of the worst areas of energy wastage in the global economy. Click a link below to explore one of our leading technologies in detail.

  • Monitor & Manage Energy

    Cutting edge energy-saving tool that makes your energy visible. It assess' real-time data across multiple buildings or facilities to give you a view of your energy use like you've never seen before.


  • Increase Motor Efficiency

    Imagine an escalator with one person on it and another with 100. Most traditional motors driving these escalators would work at the same energy consumption... Not with Integra.


  • Increase Air-Con Efficiency

    With the capabilities to reduce your air-con fees by up to 35% giving you an investment return, within two years of installation.


  • Efficient Refrigeration

    Reduce the pressure on your cooling units, extend their lifetime and maintain temperatures without maintaining your high energy bills.


  • Regulate & Reduce Voltage

    Your assets don't need the voltage you're giving them, so why pay for more than you need?

    Voltage Optimisation

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