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Customer Testimonials

Hear from customers working with BEST partners around the world. What do they think of Eniscope? How much are they saving?

Hillsborough County Schools District

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Right now, BEST partner Minimise USA are hard at work delivering a £500m project for the USA’s 8th largest schools district.

Eniscope is right at the heart of this project, providing benchmarking, verification and monitoring services throughout the life of the deal. Watch this video to see how Eniscope plays this part:


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This video takes a look at the work of IQ Energy Nordic, BEST’s partner in Scandinavia.

The team there have delivered a huge roll-out of Eniscope, across every 7-Eleven store in Denmark! With proof of concept installations now live in Sweden as well, the potential scope of this already substantial project is massive.


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This video follows the details of an Eniscope installation in the Netherlands, at media company NEP.

Fronted by Gijs de Vooys, Progress Energy are a successful BEST partner showing off what Eniscope can do for commercial energy management in Europe. Their combination of analytical and product knowledge resulted in substantial savings for this client.

Various customers

We interviewed a range of Eniscope customers at locations around the world to get their thoughts on how our product is performing.

Since this video shoot, we’ve added even more features to our flagship product – which can now be considered the most complete energy management system in the world.

Domino's Pizza

We are proud to work with one of the world’s leading fast food chains.

Domino’s have been using Eniscope for some time now, but it all started with a 6-store proof of concept. They set our partner the target of 20% savings – if they could beat it, they would go for a national rollout.

Here’s what happened…

West's Leagues Club

In this video, we meet Daniel Brady – COO of Wests in Australia, who serve a membership base of 43,000 people for sporting and entertainment facilities.

As he explains, energy consumption is an important area for them and they have a variety of energy-heavy equipment running for long hours, like air conditioning, gaming machines and lighting.

See how they used Eniscope to make a significant difference to their bottom line…

Kings Point Florida

Kings Point Florida has been around for fourty years. Like many of our end users, they are a facility managed by an FM company (Vesta Facilities Management).

In our experience, FM companies can be excellent clients for our partners. Ultimately, the responsibility is on them to save energy for their clients. Our partners can make that happen for them…

Nascar Race Team Owner

As an accountant, the client in this example understands intimately the relationship between efficiency and profit.

This project revolved around the efficiency of an HVAC installation in a new building. Air conditioning is a strong area for us and, of course, the area of expertise our ACES product covers.

See what happened…