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Business Opportunity Prospectus

Hopefully, at this stage you will already have carefully read through our Business Opportunity Prospectus. If not, we have provided below a quick summary of its contents and another instant download link.

The Business Opportunity Prospectus

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Within the Business Opportunity Prospectus, you can find the best possible written overview of what it is we do and what we’re offering to you.

Like any serious opportunity, what we offer is complicated and has many aspects to consider. The documents cover important areas like:

  • Profit Potential
  • Product Overviews
  • Partner Training
  • Marketing & Tech Support
  • Sales Academy
  • Partner Guarantee

Please carefully read this document before proceeding further with your application.
Download the PDF here

business opportunity prospectus

The Investment Options

BEST partners come from all sorts of business backgrounds and are at varying stages of their lives and career. Some are skilled entrepreneurs looking to tap into a growth market, whilst others are established businesses forging a new division in energy management.

We have investment options to suit both types. Read the document to find the option that best suits you: