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Technical Videos

Learn about how our leading products work with these explanatory videos.

Eniscope Hybrid Development

In this video, we look at the development of our flagship product – the ‘Eniscope 8 Hybrid’.

As with any technical product, developing Eniscope over a ten year period has been about balancing a variety of needs. On the one hand, the product is feature rich – providing second-by-second, real time data and combining both hardware and software to ensure it is truly an end-to-end solution.

On the other hand, we have strived to ensure the product remains portable, light-weight and as small as possible for shipping purposes.

The result is a remarkably well balanced solution, with a 3 hour install time and perfect safety record.

And ask our business development manager about the newest generation of Eniscope, which is lighter and more capable than ever before.

Suresense Technology for an Energy Efficient World

We have partnered with UK tech company Suresense Technologies to ensure our partners have access to their two remarkable energy solutions – Eluma and Integra.

BEST Partners boast unique distribution rights to these products. Featured in this video, we take a look at Integra in action. We explore how it works and how it can save clients huge sums of money by introducing intelligence into their motors and machines.

You can read more about Integra, including its technical specifications, by clicking on this link.

Three-Phase Integra

Technical Director at Suresense Technologies Ltd, Bruce Lee, runs through the three key ways Integra saves energy (and therefore money) for clients:

  • Peak Demand Issues
  • Energy Saving (When Running)
  • Intelligent Control

Integra is a perfect solution for machines like escalators, granulators and conveyor belts that operate on a fixed speed, variable load basis. It introduces into the machine the intelligence required to moderate the energy usage of the motor in accordance with how much is really needed to maintain performance.

Bruce explains the details using a real-world demonstration.