International Partner Conference, London 2017

Learn more about our recent International Partner Conference in London.

November 10th & 11th 2017 saw our inaugural BEST Partner Conference, held at the glamorous County Hall in London. You can see just some of our favourite photos from the event below.

November 10th & 11th 2017 saw our inaugural BEST Partner Conference, held at the glamorous County Hall in London. It was an incredibly successful two days of networking, workshops and seminars delivered by some of the most prominent names in the business – with 100 attendees from as far afield as Papua New Guinea, Hawaii and Malaysia.

Day 1

The first day was all about the seminars, delivered by a mixture of our own team, global partners and expert guests. The morning saw some landmark product and support service announcements – most of which were delivered as early-access exclusives to attendees and are therefore still too secret to be mentioned here! Details to follow in the coming weeks…

Following that, we were proud to welcome some of the most successful BEST partners from around the globe – from disparate locations stretching from Peru to Denmark. Each shared their experiences of recent Eniscope projects and passed on to attendees their best-practice advice. A huge amount of value was gained by all, not least the attending partners who went away with minds buzzing with new ideas and strategies.

And perhaps most interesting of all, we were pleased to hear from Chris Coath of NG Bailey and Dave Wiseman of Northern Gas & Power, both prominent UK companies now utilising Eniscope to great effect in the Facilities Management and Energy Broking industries respectively. Their enthusiasm for our product, our development direction and the quality of our support system was very pleasing to hear!

Day 2

The second day was all about our partners and their interactions with our three workshops:

  • The BEST Development Roadmap
  • Unlocking Key Markets For Eniscope
  • New Energy Saving Products

Within the framework of relaxed, discussion-based workshops, we covered three areas crucial to Partners everywhere in 2018.

Attendees were able to influence the direction of our R&D team; suggesting new ideas for product development and voting between possible avenues of development. They were able to learn about, and provide feedback on, two key markets for Eniscope in 2018 (and how they can unlock them). And they were offered the chance to discover two new products for the BEST portfolio set to rock the energy efficiency world in the next year.

The feedback we got from this day has been invaluable in influencing our end-of-year discussions, and deciding on the routes we take in 2018.

Will we do it again?

Absolutely. London 2017 was a massive success and we’ve already reserved a spot for the same again next year.

Want to join us? No problem, you can reserve your tickets anytime between now and next November – just drop the Support Desk an email.

Interested in learning more?

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