International Partner Conference 2018 – The Power of the Network

Partner Conference a Resounding Success

November 9th & 10th 2018 held the most important event in the BEST calendar - the second International Partner Conference, at the glamorous County Hall in London!

This year’s event saw more partners attend than ever before.  A vibrant two days of networking, ideas sharing and exciting new announcements in the heart of London – we already can’t wait for next year!

Day 1

The first day started off with a networking breakfast and moved into seminars, delivered by a mixture of our own team, global partners and expert guests.

One of the points that came up time and time again when speaking to Partners at Conference, was how much they valued the sharing ethos that the BEST Network had created. The Power of the Network has been evident, with millions of dollars created through the relationships made at last year’s Conference. We’re excited to bring this forward into 2019 and the years to come!

During the day there were exciting new product releases were made and knowledge shared from experienced Partners from around the globe.

The hotly anticipated Awards dinner in the evening featured, as ever, an entertaining turn by our very own ‘Bruce Forsythe’ Tim… and an excellent quiz which Simon Turner (Head of R&D) rather suspiciously won.

Here are a couple pics from the event:

Day 2

The second day again started with more networking opportunities, followed by 3 workshops;

Workshop 1 – The 7 Secrets of Turning Data into Dollars
(Lead by Dave Grinsted)

Workshop 2 – Maximising Revenue with BEST’s Latest Technologies
(Lead by Andy Smith)

Workshop 3 – Unleash the Marketing Giant Within to Win More Business
(Lead by Simon Jennings)

There was a great collaborative effort with these workshops offering advice and expertise in a number of areas to help Partners. It was also an important time for back-and-forth between the BEST team and our valued partners. Those who attended got a real chance to influence the direction we’re developing in; from new marketing resources, to our product development priorities.

Keep an eye out for the release of the Conference video very soon and we look forward to seeing you at next year’s event!

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