Integra Motor Control

Intelligent cruise-control for
industrial motors

Some 65% of all energy used in industry is consumed by motors. So how much could your business save, if those motors intelligently adapted to the loads put on them? For our global clients, the answer is up to 40%.

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    Up to 40% Energy Savings

    Our clients regularly save 20-40% on energy costs, even across huge industrial operations. Your motor becomes its own smart load sensor.

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    Cruise-Control For Motors

    Your car can intelligently adjust the power it draws from the engine to maintain an optimum speed - well now so can your machines!Download Brochure

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    Full Power in < 50th Second

    Still draw full power instantly whenever it is required. No compromise on motor performance, even under heavy loads.

Take control of your fixed-speed motors

The loads on a fixed-speed motor can vary dramatically – so why doesn’t the energy usage?

Smart Motor Control

Integra is actually not one product, but a ‘family’ of products. They are intelligent controllers for fixed-speed motors, suitable for almost any motor size and application – with an extensive range of special application pre-sets and adjustable controls.

Integra combines world leading soft start, intelligent load monitoring, energy optimisation and controlled stopping in a smartly designed, easy to install and competitively priced unit.

How does it work?

In effect; Integra electronically ‘re-sizes’ the motor to both its application and load cycle every 10 milliseconds. Integra is perfect for fixed speed applications, because motor RPM is maintained at all times even as the load varies from nothing to max capacity. Integra can also be configured to turn off the motor when no load is detected.

Integra can extend motor life, reduce maintenance costs and save a fortune in the process. Payback is normally achieved within two years, sometimes just a few months.

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    Automatic motor 'resizing' with no human input

  • financial-reduction

    Up to 40% savings on energy usage and cost

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    Reduced KVA KW & KVAR and increased PF

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    Increased contractor life & drive train components

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    Attach more equipment to a single supply

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    Improved power factor at all load cycles

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    Prevents dips in supply on start-up

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The Problem

Energy can be a significant component cost in the production of most products we purchase. Indeed, some 65% of all energy in industry is consumed by AC induction motors.

Approximately 10% of all these motors are operating in applications that require variable speed conditions. However, the vast majority needs to operate at a single or fixed-speed. As such, installing a variable speed drive onto a fixed speed application is often a bad idea. It can increase the running cost by a much as 6-8%.

The loading on a motor during the typical duty cycle can fluctuate dramatically, ranging from 0-100%. While there is a measure of reactance within the motor windings, the motor has no way of intelligently adjusting the amount of power it consumes in relation to the type of work it does. That’s where Integra comes in…

The Solution

Integra brings to bear a number of best-in-class technologies to address this problem. With advanced soft start technology, intelligent load monitoring and controlled stopping all in-built – a single product is able to enhance almost any heavy machine with valuable intelligence.

What’s more, the hardware itself is small, easy to install and very competitively priced – particularly when set against its typical returns. Most clients enjoy a project ROI of less than two years.

The principle is a simple one. As the load on your motor changes, the motor adapts its output to suit. Imagine an escalator with one person on it and another with 100. For most standard motors, both escalators are operating at the same energy consumption.

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integra motor control unit

Make Your Motors Smart

Integra has the key

  • Percent

    Energy Cost Savings

    Clients regularly save up to 40% on motor costs.

  • 0.02s

    Instant Full Power

    Draw full power in a 50th of a second, with no compromise on heavy loads.

  • 6-9x

    Times Load Current

    Starting direct on-line can draw 6-9 times the full load current, Integra stops this.

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    Reduced Shock Load

    Massively reduce peak demand penalties and shock loads, with big benefits to maintenance.

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