Energy Management

The world’s most complete energy management service

Easy to install hardware. Intuitive software. An accessible API. The expertise of energy management professionals. We offer the complete, end-to-end solution for energy management. Perfect for single buildings or whole portfolios.

The Hardware

Eniscope is a lightweight and compact, plug-and-play system. It typically takes three hours to install on-site, with minimal disruption to your workflow. We also have a great safety record.

At the core of our system, we offer 8 three-phase metering points per Eniscope hub, with physical connectivity for pulse and temperature inputs, as well as wireless connectivity to IoT devices and sensors.

Connect seamlessly to incumbent meters and to your BMS or CAFM solution, via our API.

And new to 2018, we can now supply a range of proprietary wireless sensor modules. With these, you can track metrics like temperature, occupancy and humidity to cross-reference with your energy data for the most complete picture possible.

Combine that with our new wireless control module for remote control functionality, and you have the most comprehensive energy monitoring & management hardware on the market.

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  • plug-and-play-icon-1

    Easy and safe to install with minimal disruption

  • graph-statistics

    A total of 8 x three-phase metering points

  • feather-light-icon-dark_1

    Lightwight and compact at 235mm x 145mm x 60mm

  • tree-global-warming-icon-dark-1

    Integral communications hub and server

  • target-focus

    Better than 1% accuracy over it’s entire lifetime

  • sun-warm-icon-1

    Wireless IoT sensors for temperature and pulse

  • more-elipsis-icon

    External remote-control hub for easy access

  • Eniscope Render
  • control and temperature sensors

The Software

View second-by-second data from your whole portfolio on a single, intuitive software platform.

Our software allows you to access data from multiple sources (water, temperature, occupancy, humidity etc.) – all collated into one cloud-based system for analysis. Easily identify opportunities for energy saving.

And new to 2018, our system will allow you to exercise control over your buildings remotely. Use our new control modules to switch devices on and off, even from mobile.

Go beyond the dashboard. Influence occupant behaviour and demonstrate CSR with our bespoke-designed public displays.

  • dashboard

    One infinitely scalable and intuitive platform

  • grid-network-icon

    Access your data anywhere via The Cloud

  • app-triangle-icon-2

    Mobile app, for use anywhere and anytime

  • api_1

    Connect easily with other systems (like BMS)

  • wifi-bluetooth-icon-dark-1

    Set intelligent, automatic alarms and notifications

  • more-elipsis-icon

    Control your devices remotely from your smartphone

  • user-account-icon

    Bespoke-designed public displays

  • warning graph laptop mock
  • isolated real time alerts
  • real time information public display
  • real time fault detection - mobile interface


Product design, development and distribution, backed up by world-class customer service.

The Service

The true secret to energy management success? The services of a genuinely expert team to analyse the data and make the changes you need to save energy.

For some of our clients, that team already exists in house – we just augment their work with our solutions.

But, for most, our clients around the world benefit from the expertise of a global team of energy managers.

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    Identify Opportunities

    Nothing to pay now, or in the future. Save money by changing habits.

  • $

    Execute Energy Saving

    A small, tactical investment will transform you into a green company.

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    Long-Term Support

    Every day that goes by, your facility is making smart energy saving decisions.

Our Global Partners

British Energy Saving Technology is a manufacturer and innovator, so how can we provide energy management as a service to individual businesses around the world?

The answer? We don’t! Our partners do.

Across the world, we have partnered with over 100 companies – each a specialist in their field of energy consumption analysis and efficiency savings.

Armed with our technology, they make a difference to thousands of companies across the globe.


Dedicated to customer service.

Case Studies

See our approach to energy management in action through the below case studies.

7-Eleven roll out Eniscope across all 120 stores in Denmark

December 01, 2019Read More

Long-standing Best.Energy Partner IQ Energy Nordic have been working with 7-Eleven in their native Denmark on a 120 location roll-out. Jesper, Frank and the team have now installed our flagship product Eniscope in every store in Denmark...

30% Savings for Greek Retailer Kotsovolos

March 02, 2018Read More

Best.Energy's partner in Greece, Enegreen, has been working with the country’s leading electrical retailer for more than three years. Taking a proactive approach, they are delivering up to 30% savings across the retail chain year after year. Enegreen offers their clients the opportunity to realise continued savings.

1,400+ Circuits Measured at Lima Airport

August 09, 2018Read More

Best.Energy Partner EnergyCloud, technical consultant to IBM, took the lead on an exciting new project at Jorge Chavés airport in Peru. The client sought a solution to three key issues they were experiencing, for which they had struggled to find a single, end-to-end solution.

24% Reduction for KFC in South Africa

August 09, 2018Read More

best.energy’s South African partner, EnergyRite has been working with Moral Foods, a local franchisee of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). In a short space of time, they have generated impressive savings for two pilot stores.

30% savings for Bethune University

August 09, 2018Read More

We were recently contacted by one of our US distributors, who claimed that a significant cost reduction had been achieved within just four weeks. Best.Energy decided to send their Sales Director Ben Willcocks and Media Consultant Steve Hill over to evaluate the results.

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