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Reduce your company’s lighting
costs by 85% with Eluma.

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Daylight Harvesting. Occupancy Sensing. Cool Running.

Daylight Harvesting. Occupancy Sensing. Cool Running.

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    Instant energy savings and accurate analysis

    ...without knowing the full picture? We open up a world of information for our clients, allowing accurate analysis and automated reduction action even across huge portfolios.

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    Improved lighting and working environment

    ...without accurate, sub-metered data? We help our clients to track exactly what their tenants are using and issue bills at the click of a button. No more lost, late, estimated or disputed payments.

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    Reduced maintenance and replacement costs

    ...without knowing what's stable and what's about to break? We enable our clients to effectively predict maintenance issues and act on the basis of fact, not inaccurate predictions or schedules.

What does it cost?

Just how does the technology work, who’s it for and who’s made the switch already?

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  • Supermarkets

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What’s wrong with my current lighting?

Your faculty and thousands of others could suffer from two key problems.

Problem #1: Heat Loss

Did you know up to 95% of your light costs are lost as heat?

As of 2014, over 90% of the commercial lighting market was still using inefficient incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs. Even newer technologies like halogen bulbs waste well over half their energy in heat.

Problem #2: Humans

It’s a fact that human lighting management is inefficient.

The big problem with most lighting systems? The humans that manage them! Unoccupied areas are often lit unnecessarily and occupied areas are often over-lit during the daytime. VIEW BROCHURE

Sunlight Harvesting

Using removeable Atmos sensor

Effective Heat Dissipation

Copyright-protected British-made casing

Introducing the Eluma solution

How much could you save?

Our cutting-edge LEDs are cool. They’re top of the range and have a huge range of benefits. The super-intelligent lighting controls allow you to keep your workspace perfectly lit and save you money at the same time.

Solution #1: LEDs are Cool

Cut energy consumption in half?

Exchanging a standard 35W fluorescent tube with an Eluma LED unit will immediately cut your energy consumption in half by reducing the heat loss.

Effective heat dissipation

Our casing is unique, copyright-protected and designed right here in the UK. It’s incredibly effective at heat dissipation which considerably increases the lifespan of the lights.

Save on air conditioning costs

And that has knock on effects. Cool lighting means cooler air, which saves on air conditioning running costs.

Proven energy savings

Ten times cheaper than ‘traditional’ bulbs

Solution #2: Intelligent Control

Never leave the lights on again. Set the motion activity and on/off times depending on your requirements. Harvest sunlight. Dynamically repond to changes in the level of daylight available. Maintain the perfect light levels. The lights moderate themselves so your users are comfortable and safe.

  • Enough Daylight
    Lighting Off

  • Reduced Daylight
    Minimum Necessary Lighting

  • Night Time
    Lighting On (If Occupied)

Ready to find out more about Eluma?

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Adey Steel | A Case Study

Take a look at the results after we replaced their existing inefficient lights with Eluma.

  • 52 per cent

    Fifty-two percent annual reduction in energy costs.

  • 72T

    72 metric tonnes

    Seventy-two metric tonnes of carbon dioxide saved each year.

  • 130K

    130,000 kilowatt hours

    One hundred and thirty thousand kilowatt hours of energy saved each year.

  • John Smith

    Managing Director

    Adey Steel Limited

    "We at ADEY Steel Ltd have been delighted by our new high-bay LED system. It has transformed the shop floor with an extremely rewarding response from all operatives, as well as the positive corresponding cost and energy savings. The team were extremely professional from the initial enquiry right through to the handover and have maintained contact since the installation. We would highly recommend to any future customer. Thank you!"

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  • Damien Critchley

    "The installation process was extremely professional and did not impact our business operations at all. We’ve been tracking our usage and the Eluma LED installation will have paid for itself within two to three years."

    Damien Critchley, Accountant, Severn Glocon
  • Mark Tiencken

    "We were impressed by the attitude of the Suresense Team, their professionalism and general good nature. Since the lights have been installed, we have been amazed by the quality of light - it's like working in pure daylight!"

    Mark Tiencken, Facilities Manager, Severnside Fabrics