Once upon a time...

Where do all the great stories start?

With an idea. An irresistible, irrepressible, exciting idea that galvanises people and spurs them into action; not because they have to, but because they want to. Because they truly believe in it.

Here at BEST, we've never been short of ideas! Our greatest obstacle has not been creativity, it has been clarity. Our addressable market is huge - every building in the world. And our focus has sometimes been just as fractured.

So how do we turn the BEST story from a good one, to a truly great one?

With your help, that's exactly what we'd like to do. We have been searching for clarity. Searching for a truly great idea; a perfect story we can all rally behind as a unified global movement, and we think we've found it.

We have a powerful new focus and we have spent months putting together everything you need to conquer it. So join us in London this year and find out what we think is truly, the greatest story
NEVER told...

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Solving The Multi-Site Puzzle

The Definitive Blueprint, Uncovered Piece-by-Piece

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The Marketing Piece

Finance Meeting

The Finance Piece

Financial Document

The Contract Piece

Product Plans

The Product Piece

Join us in the heart of London. Uncover the full blueprint to multi-site success.

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Special Features

Here's just some of the awesome things you can expect from twodays with us in London...

Our 200% Guarantee

We are convinced that this event will have a profoundly positive impact on the profitability of your business, so we want to offer you a 100% satisfaction or
double your money back guarantee.

By the end of the first day of the conference, if you don't believe that the new products, market insights, sales tactics, marketing tools, partner workshops, case study presentations and networking opportunities will significantly increase the profitability of your business, simply write us a letter explaining why and we will refund your money immediately... plus we will deposit the equivalent amount on your partner account with us.

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Where to stay

We know London won't be familiar to many of you, so we've marked out three hotels very close to the venue that would be good options for your stay. If you are a VIP ticket holder, we will arrange all of this for you.

  • City-centre venue near the heart of Westminster
  • 5 minutes walk from Westminster tube station
  • Regular direct trains from Heathrow and Gatwick
  • Airport transfers available*

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