Conference Nominations 2019

Conference Nominations 2019

We are excited to announce that the nominations are in for this year's BEST International Partner Conference Awards! Find out whether you or your company have been nominated below:

The Nominees

Every nominee on this list has made a significant impact in their field and are making a difference in the fight against climate change!

Partner of the Year 2019

– Retes Energy Sdn Bhd
– Minimise USA
– Sprinx International
– IETCO Energycap Sdn Bhd
– IQ Energy Nordic

Best Energy Saving Project 2019

– Minimise USA, Hillsborough County Public Schools
– Retes Energy Sdn Bhd, 7-Eleven
– Arustrik, Secret Recipe
– IQ Energy Nordic, MENY
– IETCO Energycap Sdn Bhd, Malaysian Government Buildings

Most Innovative Energy Saving Project 2019

– Minimise USA
– Sprinx International
– IETCO Energycap Sdn Bhd
– Arustrik
– IQ Energy Nordic

Best Behaviour Change/Occupant Engagement Project 2019

– EfficienC
– Beacon Energy
– Efligence Informatics
– Total IFM
– Minimise USA

Best Newcomer 2019

– OneWatt & Klaridy
– Lumen Energy Solutions
– Corporacion OR
– MKL Innovation
– DS Confluence

Nominations continue below…

"I've been to a few conferences in my life, but at this one I've been completely absorbed - from the first minute right through the end!"

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The Nominees Cont.

Energy Manager of the Year 2019

– Stuart Pearce of SMARTech Energy
– Richard Felgate of Hospitality Energy Saving
– Bhargav Ramachadran of Efligence Informatics
– Tresa & Felicia Lee of Retes Energy Sdn Bhd
– Andre Buskop of Sprinx International

Unsung Energy Saving Hero 2019

– Isaac Hanono of IH Desarrollos
– Alan Tan of IETCO Energycap Sdn Bhd
– Ipao Calvelo of Calvelo Engineered Systems
– Bhargav Ramachandran of Efligence Informatics
– Abhiram Mokasdar of SMARTech Energy

BEST’s Most Valuable Player 2019

– Haneepha Francis
– Kevin Budden
– Paul Dicker
– David Bowers

Energy Efficiency Evangelist 2019

– Adolfo Ducreux Guelfi, ENSA
– Chris Farkas, HCPS
– Brian Edwards, KFC
– Veerasamy Samugaveloo, 7-Eleven
– Joost Huigen, MAIN Energie

Energy Efficiency Leadership Award 2019

– Secret Recipe & Arustrik
– 7-Eleven & Retes Energy Sdn Bhd
– KFC UK & Best Energy
– MAIN Energie & Sprinx International
– Coor Group & IQ Energy Nordic

Change Manager of the Year 2019

– Roberto Flores of EnergyCloud
– Sandhya Prakash of Beacon Energy
– Paul Poirier of ABATE
– Chiara Oosthuizen of Minimise USA

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