29% Saving on Hotel in Nigeria | A Case Study

Brief Overview

For those of you that are not aware, Nigeria is a country rocked by crippling electricity prices and a national energy crisis that is showing no signs of loosening its grip. Power is only supplied intermittently and the population have to depend heavily on diesel generators as a costly backup.

The Problem

In an effort to reduce spiraling utility prices and to become more energy efficient, a large hotel in the south of the country approached Wickliffe, an BEST Partner, to help put a stop to their excessive spending and regain control of their electricity and diesel consumption.

After an initial Audit, several Energy Saving Initiatives were decided upon. However, the first step, as always, was to install an Eniscope to get an understanding of their energy usage.

The 61 bedroom hotel drew power directly from the grid as well as using 2 large generators. The combined average cost of electricity and diesel came to a substantial $5727 per month (the average over the previous 9 month period).

What's Next

Eniscope was installed for 8 weeks and after the initial analysis it was discovered that energy was being wasted in a number of key areas. A lot of the expense was easily avoidable and a program was soon underway that educated staff on energy efficiency and the impact they could have on the business and the environment. The results were outstanding!

eniscope product render

The Results

Interestingly, these impressive savings were achieved by implementing some very simple energy saving measures – but they only became apparent by looking at the building through the eyes of an Eniscope. For example, the Eniscope data had highlighted significant consumption from hot water heaters. The culprits were tracked down and it was realized that their thermostats were set incorrectly which was easy to fix.

In another example, it was identified that during the periods when the Chamber Maids were cleaning the hotel and bedrooms, large amounts of power were being consumed. It was agreed that upon entering a guest bedroom all lighting and other equipment, such as air conditioning in the room should be turned off unless the guest specified otherwise.

These alterations, coupled with other simple changes such as increased staff awareness and guest occupancy arranged on a floor by floor basis (allowing most of the power on the vacant floors be turned off), contributed toward these significant savings.

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What Have We Learned?

This case study is another valuable reminder of the numerous no/low cost saving opportunities that present themselves when you have a real-time energy management system like Eniscope to show you exactly how and why your power is being used.

You can’t manage, what you can’t see!