Best.Energy Appoint Exclusive Master Distributor to Central America

Corporación Or Appointed in Central America

Best.Energy are proud to announce that one of our leading partners in the LATAM region has now been appointed to exclusive master partner status for Central America. Their elevation was formally announced at our Panama training programme on February 19th 2020.

Why Corporación Or?

Corporación Or (‘Or’ means ‘light’ in Hebrew) are a part of the well known Copper Group Internacional, a company firmly embedded in the LATAM region and the leading copper distributor across their LATAM coverage. As a Group, they specialise in areas like refrigeration and air conditioning, which are such a prominent part of our own energy saving solutions.

As a Best.Energy partner, Corporación have shown exemplary application, enthusiasm and passion for their role in extending energy efficiency across the region.

Now, in an unusual move for the Best.Energy network, Corporación will take on additional responsibility for the countries of Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua. They will work with our partners to provide on-the-ground support; in terms of training, inventory warehousing and logistics.

Corporacion OR appointed master distributor to Best.Energy

What does this mean for other partners in the region?

All existing Best.Energy partners can rest assured that, as well as there being no changes to the standard or availability of typical Best.Energy support services, a whole additional layer of support will become apparent. Corporación Or – have offices in 7 countries in Central America, so more local support can be provided using these resources; including office space, conference and training facilities.

They also have an existing warehousing and logistics department, which will mean Best.Energy are able to improve and speed up the shipment of products, and no doubt reduce the cost and complexity of importation fees.

A bright future for Central America

It is our belief that this appointment will transform our ability to bring energy efficiency to the region via our thriving partner network. With Corporación Or’s support and passion, we look forward to a very bright future in Central America.

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