ACES 2 – Air Conditioning Energy Saving

Intelligent air-conditioning control to reduce energy costs

Each year, air conditioning systems consume more than one trillion kilowatt-hours of electricity. In warmer climates, they can be a full 50% of an organisation’s energy spend and a massive draw on resources. We have the solution – ACES 2.

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    High Energy Savings

    Our system could save your business up to 40% on its air-con costs, with a 1-2 year payback period and knock-on benefits to noise control.

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    Reduced Maintenance

    By ensuring certain parts of your air-con only work when they're needed, we can extend your product's life-cycle & reduce maintenance costs.Download Brochure

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    Simple Installation

    ACES is compact, safe and simple to install and, once it's in, you won't need to touch it again. Very much a plug-and-play solution.

The world needs more efficient air conditioning

ACES 2 (our Air Conditioning Energy System) is the solution you’ve been looking for.

The Problem With Air-Con

At the heart of traditional air con technology is a fundamental flaw – the people that operate them!

Human impact on the efficient running of an air conditioning system is massive. During the day, temperature points that are unachievable (either too hot or too cold) are frequently set – reflecting the user’s want for comfortable conditions, but not the device’s real capabilities.

And out of hours, air conditioning units typically work long hours for absolutely no reward – with systems left on far beyond their useful operating hours. The solution is to remove the human element, and automate a more efficient process. The solution is ACES 2.

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The ACES Solution

So, why is ACES 2 different? Rather than running all day on full power, ACES technology allows you to transfer the running of your air con units to the Cloud.

With temperature set-points now handled remotely, on-site staff can’t tamper with the settings for their own needs. The system maiontains a comfortable temperature at all times, in the most efficient way possible.

And at times outside of the buildings’ operating hours, the system will automatically shut down – ensuring absolutely no hout of hours wastage.

Once the initial optimisation settings are created, the system runs on auto-pilot, ensuring optimum consumption patterns day in day out.

In some instances, we’ve seen this technology save up to 85% of the total air con consumption in a facility – without compromising working conditions! More typically though, savings of around 40-50% can be expected.

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ACES 2 - air conditioning energy saving

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Your Air Conditioning Energy Saving unit in numbers

What kind of savings are we looking at? Here’s what you can expect after installing our remarkable product.

  • Energy Savings

    Remarkable cost savings.

  • 2

    Year Payback Period

    Short, cost-effective ROI.

  • 10-Year Survival

    Negligible maintenance requirement.

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